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bamboolib is joining forces with Databricks

For more information, please read our announcement.
Welcome to the documentation page of bamboolib, a tool for fast and easy data exploration & transformation of pandas DataFrames.
bamboolib introduction

How the documentation is organized

bamboolib's documentation is made of three major building blocks:
  • ​Tutorials teach you how to wrangle, explore and visualize data with bamboolib. If you are new to bamboolib, check out "Getting Started" first.
  • ​How tos are recipes. They guide you through the steps involved in addressing key problems and use cases. They are more advanced than tutorials and assume some knowledge of how bamboolib works.
  • ​Reference contain technical reference for APIs and other aspects of bamboolib's machinery. They describe how it works and how to use it. Note that the reference assume that you have a basic understanding of key concepts.

Where to go from here?

We recommend you do the following:
  • If you are new to bamboolib, start with Getting Started.
  • If you have already been through the Getting Started guide , you can do multiple things:
    • If you want to learn more about bamboolib, go check out our Tutorials.
    • If you have a specific problem that you need to solve, then go to How tos.
    • If you want to learn about the nitty gritty of bamboolib, see our Reference.