Explore DataFrame

Aug 28th, 2020

The Explore DataFrame tool entails the following functionalities:

  • Glimpse: Inspect your dataframe with high-level information such as number of unique values, number of missing values, and datatype

  • Columns: Inspect the univariate summary for each column for a univariate drilldown. The summary adjusts to the datatype at hand. See frequency tables for categorical columns or histograms for numeric columns.

  • Predictors: For a given column, identify univariate predictors. For more information about the procedure, check out the Predictors reference section.

  • Predictor Patterns: A heatmap that shows how well a column listed on the x axis can predict a column on the y axis. Click on a cell for a further drilldown.

  • Correlation Matrix: A heatmap showing the correlation between columns. Click on a cell for a further drilldown.

  • Bivariate Plots: allows you to quickly plot one column against another one.

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