Keyboard shortcuts

A list of all keyboard keys supported by bamboolib
The following reference might seem a bit overwhelming. If you quickly want to learn the basics of how to use the keyboard, please follow the tutorial.


Before showing the keyboard reference, we need two definitions:
  • When you focus/select a dropdown, you are in default mode.
  • When you then start typing inside of it, you enter its auto-completion mode.

Shortcut list

The following list shows all currently available keyboard shortcuts:
  • Tab:
    • Move on to the next input, except in the following cases:
    • In single-select dropdowns: select the highlighted option and move to the next input field
    • In multi-select dropdowns + default mode: move on the the next input
    • In multi-select dropdowns + auto-completion mode: select the highlighted option
  • Shift + Tab:
    • Move to the previous input field
  • Enter:
    • Inside dropdown: select the highlighted option
    • On a button: push the button
  • Space:
    • On a button: push the button
    • On a checkbox: toggle the checkbox
  • Arrow up / Arrow down:
    • Inside a dropdown: navigate through the options
You can recognise single-select dropdowns from the black triangle on their right side. This
is a single-select dropdown, while this
is a multi-select dropown.
If you want to maximise your keyboard speed, please check the Keyboard tutorial.
If you have feedback about how to improve the keyboard user experience (i.e. adding or changing keyboard shortcuts), please reach out.