I don't see the user interface after installing bamboolib

Please make sure that the following is correct:
  • When using Jupyter Notebook, you also installed the required nbextensions.
  • When using JupyterLab, you also installed the required labextensions.
  • You opened the ipython notebook with Google Chrome or Firefox. You don't use Internet Explorer or other browsers.
  • The ipython notebook file (.ipynb file) you are working with is not called "bamboolib".
  • After the installation of bamboolib and the Jupyter extensions, you re-started your Jupyter Notebook/Lab kernel and refreshed the browser page.
If you created a virtual environment e.g. bamboolib_venv and you already had a virtual environment with that name, you need to uninstall the ipykernel first before you re-install it.
# uninstall ipykernel
jupyter kernelspec uninstall bamboolib_venv
# re-install ipykernel:
# if you use conda:
python -m ipykernel install --user --name bamboolib_venv
# or, if you use virtualenv:
ipython kernel install --user --name=bamboolib_venv

That didn't work?

If that doesn't work, please create a new Notebook file and enter the following:
import bamboolib as bam
You will get an output similar to this one:
Please take a screenshot of the complete output and send it to us.