In case you have any issues with the functioning of bamboolib, this page is here to help

I don't see the user interface after installing bamboolib.

Please make sure that the following is correct:

  • You used

    • Jupyter Notebook version 5.3.0 or higher or

    • Jupyter Lab version 1.0 or higher (enter jupyter lab --version in your terminal / Anaconda Prompt to find out).

  • You opened the ipython notebook with Google Chrome or Firefox. You don't use Internet Explorer or other browsers.

  • The ipython notebook file (.ipynb file) you are working with is not called "bamboolib".

  • After the installation of bamboolib and the Jupyter extensions, you shut down your Jupyter Notebook/Lab server (not only the kernel) and re-started it.

If you created a virtual environment e.g. with the bamboolib_venv and you already had a virtual environment with that name, you need to uninstall the ipykernel first before you re-install it.

# uninstall ipykernel
jupyter kernelspec uninstall bamboolib_venv
# re-install
# python -m ipykernel install --user --name bamboolib_venv # CONDA ENV
# ipython kernel install --user --name=bamboolib_venv # VIRTUALENV

I cannot see the bamboolib interface anymore after updating bamboolib.

  1. Please make a full upgrade of bamboolib. This includes both installing the python part of bamboolib via pip --upgrade and installing the Jupyter Notebook / JupyterLab extensions. If you work with Jupyter Notebook, click here. If you work with JupyterLab, click here.

  2. If you have Jupyter Notebook / JupyterLab running, you need to restart the Jupyter Kernel and refresh your browser page.

My issue is not listed or the steps above didn't work

If your issue is not addressed or your issue was listed above but our troubleshooting steps didn't help, please send us an email and let us know the following:

Your environment

  • Operating System:

  • Python Version: In your terminal (Anaconda Prompt on Windows) enter: python --version

  • How did you install bamboolib (pip, conda, or other (please explain))?

  • Did you follow our installation instructions?

  • What Python packages do you have? Please enter pip list in your terminal (or Anaconda Prompt if you are on Windows)

  • If bamboolib is used with JupyterLab: What JupyterLab extensions do you have installed? Enter jupyter labextension list in your terminal / Anaconda Prompt

  • If bamboolib is used with Jupyter Notebook: What Notebook extensions do you have installed? Enter jupyter nbextension list in your terminal / Anaconda Prompt

Description of Issue

  • What did you expect to happen?

  • What happened instead?